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  • Star Madness

    Star Madness is a fun an addictive game for tablets and smartphones that tests your reflexes!
    You play as an astronaut called Jim, who as a mission: capture all the shooting stars, but avoid the meteors. Using a simple tap gesture on the screen, you must tap the stars when they reach the target visor of your ship. However, this is not an easy task, since the stars move at different speeds and you can’t miss any. You must also be careful to not tap any asteroids, or they will damage your ship. Quick reflexes and sharp attention are the key to your success!

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  • Cat Party

    Cat Party includes a total of four free games for your cat to play. The games were developed using colors and moving patterns that are attractive to cats. This app is also a project to help animal rescue associations. The revenue done with ads will be donated to associations in order to help stray animals to find a new home.
    Get your tablet and download Cat Party for free, your cat will love it!

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