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  • How to Create Realistic Water in Unity
  • Unity Terrain Engine Tools

    Unity supports several technologies and components. Some of the key components are the terrain engine system. Unity's terrain system allows you to create...

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  • Lighting in Unity 5

    Unity supports several technologies and components. Some of the key components are the lighting and illumination techniques. In Unity you can illuminate a scene by simulating the complex behaviour of lights or by applying a simple lighting model. This tutorial will focus on explaining how lighting works in Unity 5, the lighting types and properties, and how to use them to create rich illumination effects.

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  • Unity 2D Joints

    Unity is a well known, well documented, and very recognised game engine. Is a multi-platform solution, and it also allows you to create games or applications aiming several platforms (iOS, Android, Web, PC, among others). Originally, Unity was focused in 3D development however, recent releases provide tool for 2D development. This tutorial will focus on explaining how 2D physics joints work and how to use them to achieve great effects (without sacrificing the game performance).

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  • Introduction to Unity UI

    In previous versions of Unity, the old UI system was downright horrific. It required you to write all your GUI code in OnGUI. It was very programmer-centric which goes against the visual centric nature of Unity itself, and not mention slow and inefficient.
    Thankfully, the folks over at Unity Technologies have listened.
    In this three-part series, you’re going to explore Unity’s new UI system by adding an interactive UI to a small game named Rocket Mouse.

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  • Physics Joints in Unity 2D
  • Bone-based Unity 2D Animation

    In this tutorial, we will focus on the bone-based 2D animation tools provided by the Unity engine. The main idea is to present and teach the fundamentals of 2D animation in order for you to apply it to your own games.

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  • Build Arkanoid With Unity

    In this tutorial series, we'll show you how to recreate the classic Arkanoid (or Breakout) game in Unity, using Unity's native 2D tools.

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